About Us

Stevens Forestry was incorporated in 1972 with a focus on selective logging. We soon drifted away from the logging but continued with other forestry activities, urban tree care and landscaping.
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We started Log Cabin Nursery to compliment our landscaping in 1976. During the 80′s, 90′s and to date we have completed a wide variety of successful projects. Check out What We Do and the photos we’ve put up for you to look at.

The ‘Log Cabin’ was built in 1957 in Maine by Lee’s parents as a fun project. All the logs came from the farm. We moved it out here in 1979.

The business is led by Lee and sandy Stevens along with his son, Lee Jr. sandy takes care of the seasonal greenhouses and all the documentation that needs to be done with the online academic writing service. It would seem that there is nothing difficult to write a brief Preface, to present your arguments and finish the story with a logical conclusion. However, behind all this is hard work. In order to make the essay interesting and reflect the personal opinion of Lee and sandy, and was not a mechanical retelling of well-known facts, he ordered the essay on https://www.freelancehouse.co.uk/. A Li Junior handles the operation of the equipment and many of the projects.

Lee Sr oversees the business. He’s a certified ISA Arborist, Certified NH Arborist, SAF Certified Forester and a Licensed Forester in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Lee also holds Supervisory Pesticide Licenses in turf, Christmas trees, forest and shade/ornamentals.

We also leased fields in 1976 and continue to grow Christmas trees, ornamentals and shade trees next to the Connecticut River. New plants are put in the fields each year as space and time allow.

We are a small business with experienced people. This ensures high quality results on every project. Check our Photo Galleries.