By C. Shores, et. al.,

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The second stage, when pearlite forms in a matrix interlaced with ferrite plates, is similarly complicated geometrically, for this ferrite hinders the growth of pearlite, providing steric hindrances resulting in a much slower rate. This steric factor thus affects the pearlite rate to the degree that the pro-eutectoid ferrite forms plates. It is implicit in the foregoing that the ferrite and the pearlite reactions must overlap to some extent, that is to say, ferrite continues to form at one point for a while after pearlite has already started to form at another point.

1939,135,416. H. JOLIVET: 'Transformation gates Formed',]. of Austenite M. VOLMER: 'Kinetics of the Formation C. WELLS and R. F. , 1939,2, Morphology of Phases', Theodor of Diffusion Steinkopff, of Carbon Dresden, in Plain Carbon, 1939. in Nickel and Steels', Trans. Am. 1nst. Mining Metall. , 1940, 140,279. ]. R. BLANCHARD, R. M. PARKE and A. J. HERZIG: 'The Isothermal, and Genesis of the Aggre- 95p. Sub-critical Transformation of Austenite Effect of Molybdenum in Low and Medium on the Carbon Steels', M.

The addition of alloy may well modify both morphology and rates of nucleation and growth, for obviously the diffusion phenomena are more complex, the possibility of concentration of the alloying element at the austenite grain boundary appears here again, and the interface energies must be altered; these factors must affect both morphology and rates. The field is open for definitive study. It was observed in considering alloy eutectoid steels that in some steels pearlite forms both above and below the pearlite knee; such alloy steels differ in th~s way from carbon 34 Hatfield Memorial Lectures VoL II steels and from nickel and manganese alloy steels in which pearlite forms only at temperatures above the knee.

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2nd Tac. Air Force [V. 2 - Breakout to Bodenplatte, Jul 1944 by C. Shores, et. al.,
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