By S Ayoob; A K Gupta; Venugopal Bhat

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10 Adsorption of an amphoteric compound to activated charcoal as a function of pH. IEP = the isoelectric point. From Cooney and Wijaya (1987). Reproduced by permission of the Engineering Foundation. ability of weak organic electrolytes with pH, and have applied it to data of theirs on p-nitrophenol and benzoic acid adsorption. All of these studies confirm the general prin­ ciple that adsorption varies inversely with the amount of charge on the adsorbing species. G. , NaCl) can enhance the adsorption of organic species to charcoal.

Pore-size distributions are useful in selecting charcoals with high adsorptive cap­ acities for particular types of molecules. For the removal of "color bodies" from liquids, a charcoal having larger pores (> 20 A) is needed, since color bodies are of relatively large molecular size. For gas adsorption, small pores (< 10 A) are best. For adsorption Chapter 3 24 of drugs and poisons, which are of moderate molecular weight (say 100-800 daltons), a charcoal having many pores on the order of 10-20 A would be best.

This explains the common obser­ vation that nonionized forms of acidic and basic compounds adsorb much better than their ionized counterparts. , alkaloids) adsorb better at high pH. 6 shows data obtained by Cooney (1992) on the adsorption of sodium salicylate to activated charcoal in buffer solutions of different pH values. 4) was added to 20 mL of various solutions of 1 g/L sodium salicylate. 7, which shows the charge on the salicylate molecule as a function of pH. It is clear that the percent salicylate adsorbed essentially varies inversely with the charge on the sali­ cylate molecule.

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