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J 'my cousin', saxo mi 'my mother's brother'. Sa 'Thursday' (see (55) for a full display of the days of the week). One other alternation deserves mention, that between the voiced alveolar stop /d/ and the alveolar lateral /11. These are two well-established phonemes in the language, yet there are alternations such as those in ( 17). In the first two cases both forms were regarded as acceptable (free variants). 2. The vowels ofMani (17) sMiyt I stliyt i-dwt I lilt 1i I di ilil I idil ltli I deli 31 'mosque' ('place of prayer'(< Arabic sa/at 'prayer') 'enter' (cf.

Our-Adamawa •.. Figure 2. Niger-Congo (Blench 2006: 118) The genetic classification of Mani at lower levels is not controversial. ) The Bulom subgroup within Mel contains Sherbro, Kim, Born, and Kisi. Closely related to Mani within the Mel sub-group is Kisi, a language spoken primarily in the Forest Region of Guinea but spilling over into both Sierra Leone and Liberia. Kisi was separated from the other Bulom languages in historical times, during the 16111 century Mane invasions (Rodney 1967; Rodney 1970) when the Kisi fled into the rain forest.

3. , before another vowel, was either [i] or one of the back (rounded) vowels, [u], [o], and [~]. , kiu [kju] 'crocodile'. Subjects, however, never identified the palatal glide as an approximant in this position but always as a vowel. When the vowel was one of the back rounded vowels, it could also be realized as a glide, in this case the labialvelar glide [w]. In only a few words, however, did subjects recognize the labialvelar glide as a phonemic glide rather than as a vowel, and then only after the velar: kwa 'oil', kwe 'take'.

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