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Although the three views outlined above differ significantly in their approach to internal syllable structure, they all share the characteristic of describing a stressed syllable template which has considerably more complexity than the one that I have outlined in this paper. The moraic approach taken by Scullen and Montreuil can be made to work empirically. The question which I wish to address is whether it should be made to work. The objections which I have to such an approach concern the theoretical implications of positing heavy syllables in the prosodic structure of French.

Verluyten 1985), I consider the organization of syllables into feet to be a crucial motivating factor in the creation of closed syllables in French. I propose that the deletion of e-muet is motivated by a process of refooting. That is, segments, including schwa are Page 7 mapped to syllables. Since schwa deletion is optional, a schwa may surface as the nucleus of a well-formed syllable. " The representation I propose for foot structure and the condition for refooting are stated in (5). (5) Foot structure (a) Well-formed Foot (b) Degenerate Foot (b) Refooting Condition Delete a degenerate foot if any consonantal elements dominated by the degenerate foot may be mapped to an adjacent licenser.

1985. Prosodic structure and the development of French schwa. Papers from the 6th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, ed. by Jacek Fisiak, 549-59. Amsterdam: John Benjamins & Poznan: Adam Mickiewicz University Press. _____. 1988. La phonologie du schwa français. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Walter, Henriette. 1982. Enquête phonologique et variétés régionales du français. Paris: Presse Universitaire de France. Zec, Draga. 1988. Sonority constraints on prosodic structure.

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