By Amy Olberding

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2009; Kundu et al. 2010) (Yarosh et al. 2001) (Pecora et al. 1997) (Wilson and Low 1992; Macedo et al. 2004) 38 Implant Dentistry – The Most Promising Discipline of Dentistry polylactide (PLA) Prosperities of PLA depend on the component isomers, processing temperature and molecular weight. In nature, polymer degradation is induced thermal activation, hydrolysis, biological activity, oxidation, photolysis, or radiolysis. In biomedical fields it is also used as bone fixation material and drug delivery microsphere.

Osteoblasts originate from the non-hematopoietic part of bone marrow, which contains a group of fibroblast-like stem cells with osteogenic differentiation potential, known as the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and also referred as skeletal stem cells (SSCs), bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) and multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (MMSCs) (Abdallah and Kassem 2008; Heino and Hentunen 2008). MSCs are capable of multi-lineage differentiation into mesoderm-type cells such as osteoblasts, adipocytes and chondrocytes (Dezawa et al.

2008). Calcium phosphate cements and sintered ceramics as well as calcium sulphate cements and bioglass have been used as BMP carriers (del Real et al. 2002; den Boer et al. 2003; KroeseDeutman et al. 2005). Synthetic porous hydroxyapatite might be providing a delivery system for bioactive agents. It was recently shown that the supplementation of a synthetic porous hydroxyapatite with IGF-1 significantly increased new bone formation and bone mineral apposition rate compared with hydroxyapatite alone (Damien et al.

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A little throat cutting in the meantime': Seneca's Violent by Amy Olberding
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