By Henriette De Bruyn Kops

This fiscal and social heritage assesses the influence of the coastal wine and brandy exchange at the early smooth French, Dutch, and Atlantic economies, and highlights the significance of interconnecting own networks of Dutch, Sephardic Jewish, and New Christian retailers.

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They include: ADG C 3820 (naturalization with full rights of subjects of the United Provinces and the Netherlands by Henri IV, the dutch community in nantes 39 seal the deal. Endless claims and counter-claims regarding the privileges enjoyed by foreigners arose from the fact that the royal edicts became law only upon ratiÀcation by the provincial Parlements; in case of the Droit d’Aubaine, further approvals were needed from the Chambres de Comptes [the revenue boards] as well as the provincial Treasury.

They are the ones who spend their days bringing into Nantes barrel staves and other things needed to keep the wines, and lastly, they are the ones who relieve the county of Nantes of its wines and brandies. ] and discontinue their vines. 1 Position paper of the Dutch community in Nantes, 8 July 1678 The sharp and condescending tone of the above statement grew out of many decades of intense Dutch involvement in the economy of Nantes and its wine producing hinterland. Periods of relatively smooth relations became progressively shorter, the result of local initiatives aimed at curbing the power of the Dutch to dictate economic life or through royal initiatives that sought to increase France’s share of the international commercial pie.

1 Dutch residents in Nantes, Àve year averages, 1591–1656 Sources: notarial records in ONA Rotterdam & Archives Départementales LoireAtlantique The biggest spikes in the data occur when a single document contains a lengthy list of names or signatures; such valuable sources immediately push the Àve-year averages much higher. The rarity of such lists proves that the lower numbers—which are mostly based on notarial records—are artiÀcially low, and that the high Àgures derived from lists are a better indication of the true size of the Dutch community in Nantes.

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