By Tammy Gagne

The advanced international of making an investment in bonds is simplified for ultra-modern youngster. From what bonds are to how they're laid low with monetary adjustments is specific with concrete examples from the teen's international.

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Indd 33 5/15/13 4:33 PM CHAPTER 4 Junk bonds with low ratings can be enticing to new investors. After all, they offer the potential for a big reward. It is important to remember that these bonds carry the highest risk of all corporate bonds, though. Junk bonds that are rated BB have a better chance of providing you with that high yield than those with a C rating. But keep in mind that the higher the rating, the lower the return will be. In 2007 and 2008, a large number of investment-grade bonds issued by banks, insurance companies, and airlines fell below investment grade.

The value changes based on the economy, interest rates, and of course the value of the individual bonds. You can keep your risk as low as possible by placing your money in a short-term bond mutual fund. Funds made up of bonds that mature in four years or less are best for this purpose. Predicting the direction of interest rates can be almost as tough as predicting which companies will do well in the future. Whether you are buying investment-grade corporate bonds or junk bonds (or a combination of the two), it is smart to deal with a broker.

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