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This is Commander Walters calling rocket ship Space Knight. " There was a flutter of static and then Quent Miles' voice again. There was a little more respect in his tone but his story was the same. Roger was sleeping. Walters slammed the microphone down. " He jerked around and stood facing the viewport. "I'm sorry, Steve, but there have been more reports from Titan. The situation is serious. I've had to start evacuation. And then to get this smart-alecky behavior out of Manning. " Strong nodded, now more concerned about the emergency on Mars.

He sacked in right after we left the Academy. Now leave me alone, will you! " "Very well, Miles," said Strong. " "End transmission," growled Miles, and again the speaker went dead. " Strong turned to see Commander Walters enter the control room. "No, sir," said Strong. " cried Walters. " "Astro wanted to go with Kit, sir. And Tom was anxious to go with Wild Bill Sticoon. " "Yes, sir. " Strong nodded. Walters pushed past him to the intercom and took the microphone. "This is Commander Walters calling rocket ship Space Knight.

When the air lock opened, Tom immediately began to kid Astro and Sid, while Sticoon and Kit Barnard compared flight notes. A Universal Stereo reporter rushed up with a small portable camera and conducted an interview that was to be telecast back to Earth. Both spacemen were reluctant to voice any predictions of the outcome of the race, but Tom noticed that Kit was smiling and seemed in good spirits. Tom, with all his worries about Roger, could not help but feel happy that the independent spaceman was proving his reactor.

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