By Ian Stevenson and Zofia Weaver Mary Rose Barrington

Many folks world wide settle for the potential of telepathy or clairvoyance. Very not often, notwithstanding, has a person been capable of exhibit those psychic schools with sufficient accuracy and reliability to provide major ends up in repeated experimentation. An exception to this used to be the Polish engineer and industrialist Stefan Ossowiecki. Ossowiecki (1877–1944) could be the main proficient psychic ever to return below the scrutiny of researchers. He verified a variety and caliber of clairvoyance that not anyone has passed, a minimum of below experimental controls. both very important, he was once desirous to research extra approximately his expertise and allowed a number of researchers to exploit him in experiments. Anecdotal debts of his expertise abounded, however it used to be the managed observations of investigators in experiments carried out in Paris and Warsaw that proven his present. For the 1st time, this e-book brings to English-speaking researchers and the general public precise debts of the the most important experiments conducted with Ossowiecki, which produced compelling proof of paranormal cognition.

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Imagine this system in place in all truly sensitive government facilities today. SOURCES 1. , 2001, Hochtechnologie Im Dritten Reich Reichsdeutsche Entwicklungen und die vermutlich wahre Herkunft der "UFOs", Amun-Verlag, Schleusesiedlung 2, D98553 Schleusingen, Germany 29 6 Liquid Air It seems that the Germans were on to a new way to make and store energy. It was the process of liquefying air. Air is a combination of many gases but its main components are nitrogen and oxygen in a ratio of roughly seventy percent and twenty percent, respectively.

BIOS Report Number 142: Liquid Air Bomb. A liquid air bomb design using coal dust may have been a forerunner to Dr. Zippermayr's fuel-air bomb. usually thought of as an inert gas. This is true as a practical matter in our daily lives, but nitrogen will burn if it gets hot enough. Thunder is evidence of this. During a discharge of lightning, atmospheric nitrogen is burnt by the heat generated by the lightning. Nitrogen rapidly combines with atmospheric oxygen, causing a low-pressure area in its wake.

The other, called the "inactivated form" is secreted constantly by the body. Dr. Lehmann found that subjects who tested the highest on the bicycle endurance test also had the highest levels of adrenalin in their blood streams. Dr. Lehmann determined that trained athletes invariably had higher blood levels of adrenalin than non-athletes. Finally, Dr. Lehmann determined that the ability to secret adrenalin could be trained or increased simply by the conditioning derived from the daily bicycle ergometer testing.

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