By Dan Sherman

ABOVE BLACK records the genuine lifestyles event of a USAF member, whereas operating for the nationwide defense employer (NSA) as an digital intelligence expert. The booklet relates, within the first individual, his adventure as a vital part of a undertaking known as look after Destiny... a undertaking deeply concerned with alien touch.

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I took advantage of this unexpected down time and visited some friends a short drive away. My unofficial vacation didn’t last long. My clearances eventually arrived and I found myself being briefed on what I would be doing at my new duty loca- tion and how it related to the big picture. The contrast between my first PPD base and this one was enormous. At my first one, we had under 50 people all working to support a little site seemingly in the middle of nowhere. This one was an enormous place with thousands of people working under one roof.

I reported an abundance of launch data immediately after launches of the Arianne, Shuttle and other nation’s rocket programs. I remember one launch in particular. There had been a malfunction during the launch which ended up destroying the vehicle. During the comm I received following that launch, I could actually "see" where the malfunction had occurred but I couldn’t report it because I didn’t know how to describe what I was seeing. It was quite odd. I simply reported what I could translate into words.

I was trying to get as much information as possible before he defined the terms of our relationship like all my other PPD commanders had. "Not very long," he answered, sounding as if he just started. "You’ll be receiving comms soon. " He went over to my computer monitor and sat in front of it. I could tell he didn’t know anything about my regular job because he asked how to remove the screen that was currently taking up the entire monitor. I got rid of the screen for him. "You simply place the pointer on the background and press the right mouse button and F10 at the same time," he instructed.

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