By Edward Rice Maximin

During this cautious ancient research, Edward Rice-Maximin files the reactions of the French Left to the 1st Indochina conflict, 1944-1954. in contrast to earlier works, which dealt completely with the politics of the French Communists, this booklet is likely one of the first to accommodate the total French left and to concentration at once at the function of the Socialists.

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Only on Cochinchina did the PCF take a hard and unequivocal stand, categorically insisting on the territorial integrity of Vietnam. The PCF preferred to blame the problems on d'Argenlieu, the "colonial trusts," and the "Saigon Vichyites," not on the 38 The Left in Power Paris government of which it was a member. Yet, the Communists had little responsibility for determining Indochina policy, most of which, in Paris, fell to a special Interministerial Committee, dominated by the MRP and including only one Communist (Tillon, a non-voting member) and two Socialises (Moutet and Jules Moch).

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Sainteny was pleased that war had been avoided, but Ho Chi Minh was more reserved: "In the final analysis you are the ones who have gained. " Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap compared the Accords to the necessary settlement the Bolsheviks had had to make with the Germans at Brest-Litovsk in 1918. Indeed, bot h sides looked upon the Accords as a temporary Th e clauses were simpl y too ambiguous. Vietnam comp romise. had her own g overnment, finances , and army; but France the overall cont rolled fore ign relations, customs , and On both sides peo pie were hoping to buy mili tary command Neverthel ess, the time in order to prepare better for war Viet namese proba bly benefitted more from the Accords than the Fren ch.

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