By Dennis J. Stanford, Bruce A. Bradley

Who have been the 1st people to inhabit North the USA? in keeping with the now primary tale, mammal hunters entered the continent a few 12,000 years in the past through a land bridge that spanned the Bering Sea. precise stone instruments belonging to the Clovis tradition demonstrated the presence of those early New international humans. yet are the Clovis instruments Asian in beginning? Drawing from unique archaeological research, paleoclimatic examine, and genetic stories, famous archaeologists Dennis J. Stanford and Bruce A. Bradley problem the previous narrative and, within the method, counter traditional--and usually subjective--approaches to archaeological checking out for old relatedness. The authors practice rigorous scholarship to a speculation that locations the technological antecedents of Clovis in Europe and posits that the 1st american citizens crossed the Atlantic by means of boat and arrived in advance of formerly inspiration. providing archaeological and oceanographic facts to help this statement, the ebook dismantles the previous paradigm whereas persuasively linking Clovis know-how with the tradition of the Solutrean those that occupied France and Spain greater than 20,000 years in the past.

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With the exception of one (pipe “d”), all exhibit forms known in the archaeology of prehistoric villages in the northeast. Although the zoomorphic pipe appears unusual if not unique at present, it is securely dated as pre (European) contact. No smoking pipes similar to those in Fig. 2 were recovered archaeologically on the Serra da Barriga, complicating the case made by Orser for a Palmarino origin; the situation is even more complex, however. Relative and absolute dating of diverse contexts on the Serra da Barriga site (SB1) confirms that the most visible and dense component is prehistoric, occupied at least 900 years ago.

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