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0600 m. ) Flora Mesoamericana, Volume 5 (2), Asteraceaeae, page 1 of 286. First published on the Flora Mesoamericana website, 28 Mar. 2011; last updated 19 Aug. 2011. 233. F. Pruski. 1. Tribe Anthemideae Cass. Ursinieae H. Rob. F. Pruski. Annual herbs to shrubs, often aromatic, insect pollinated or infrequently wind-pollinated; herbage usually with simple trichomes, trichomes infrequently dolabriform. Leaves mostly cauline, typically alternate, generally lobed or dissected to deeply pinnatifid, often amplexicaul or clasping stem; blade usually chartaceous, venation pinnate, third order veins often obscure, apex of blade, lobes and serrations often mucronate.

26. Aristolochia pfeiferi Barringer, Brittonia 35: 171 (1983). Holotipo: Panama, Dwyer y Gentry 4810 (F). Pubescent, herbaceous lianas; pseudostipules absent. Leaves 12-14 × 8-10 cm, ovate, green, the apex acuminate, the base slightly cordate; petiole 3-4 cm. 5 cm, bracteate, the bract borne at the base of the ovary; calyx 9 cm, reddish-brown, the limb 5 cm, 1-lobed, nodded, papillate within; gynostemium 6-lobed, stipitate. Immature capsules ellipsoid, acropetal. Lowland rainforests. P (Davidse y D’Arcy 10075, MO).

Y Calderón de Rzedowski, G. Fl. Bajío 60: 1-29 (1997). H. Tanaceteen (1844). R. Muelleria 25: 59-100 (2007). L. Phytologia Mem. 10: 1-93 (1996). 1. Capitula discoid or disciform, rarely obscurely radiate. 2. Capitulescences pyramidal-paniculate; indumentum often of some dolabriform trichomes; wind pollinated. 4. Artemisia 2. Capitulescences corymbiform to corymbiform-paniculate or monocephalous; indumentum of simple trichomes, or absent; insect pollinated. 3. Capitulescences flat-topped corymbiform-panicles; corollas 5-lobed.

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