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Everyone gave his own version of what happened. Among the assembled group were the Bourgoins, a trusty couple, the Château's caretakers; Grand Pépin, the blacksmith, strong, crafty, and daring; and also my friend Henri Rallier, who was hiding there at the time. We decided at once to look for the parachutists. Apparently the plane had crashed in a pasture somewhere between the Noë and Le Val-de-Vée, about four kilometers north of l'Ermitage. The Germans had a lookout post set up on the ridge above the Château, between the grounds and the crash site; they would get there before we did.

I found out that he had walked to the crossroads of Petite-Étoile, where he asked a coalman for something to drink. The man showed him a nearby pump, then led him into a coal shed. Pépin and Madame Bourgoin, informed immediately, brought the American a change of clothes and took him to the caretakers' lodge. They gave him something to eat, and he went to sleep. When he awoke, I questioned him. He was a second lieutenant navigator named McConnell. He had parachuted into the courtyard of a farm. One of the farmers had led him to the forest, where he spent a rather bad night hiding at the foot of a tree in the company of mice, spiders, and mosquitoes, all the while listening to the barking of German dogs hunting for him.

McConnell.  cm. Originally published: Imprimerie Alençonnaise, 1947.  Title. 53'44dc20 95-23387 CIP The paper in this book meets the guidelines for permanence and durability of the Committee on Production Guidelines for Book Longevity of the Council on Library Resources. Page v Contents Foreword ix Translator's Acknowledgments xiii Preface xiv 1 September, 1939 1 2 The Debacle 6 3 The Occupation 9 4 The Camouflage 11 5 False Alert 13 6 The First Campaign 16 7 Paul McConnell 18 8 William Howell 26 9 Claude Monod and His Escape Network 34 10 Searching for the Pilot 39 Page vi 11 Intelligence 48 12 First Troubles 51 13 Cecil Eckel 52 14 The "Stirling" of May 8 58 15 The Bombardments 67 16 The Ordeal 103 17 The Château des Ducs and Fresnes 114 18 Buchenwald 125 19 The Kommando of Holzen 134 20 The Escape 142 Appendix: Mademoiselle Dubocq's Story 161 Notes 187 Page vii Illustrations Maps Crash sites and escape routes in the Andaine forest area 2223 The camp at Buchenwald 127 The path Rougeyron traveled between Celle and Hambühren upon his escape 145 Figures following page 66 Paul McConnell in April, 1943 Some crew members of the B-17 shot down over Domfront Château de l'Ermitage Châlet du Brouillard, Rougeyron's home William Howell, Marie-Louise Corbesier, and Paul McConnell Howell getting his hair cut Relaxing after a swim in the Orne River House of Rougeyron's aunt Ruins of the fortified castle in Domfront Page viii Kenneth Hagan Destroyed radar of Oisseau-le-Grand American plane shot down by the antiaircraft battery at Bernières German permit Rougeyron was carrying when arrested Drawing of Rougeyron at Buchenwald Rougeyron as Kommando electrician with his aides A camp infirmary Transport of dead prisoners to the communal grave Rougeyron at about sixty years old Ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the liberation of La Coulonche Page ix Foreword On every Fourth of July, which is the anniversary of the day I was shot down in France in 1943, I recall most intensely the remarkable French people who sheltered me from the German military and who helped make possible my escape.

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