By J. C Depken

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I. G. A. I. Tretyakova St. G. A. I. Solovieva Seattle, Univ. H. G. J. Lord, D. J. Wilkes Sydney, Univ. M. S. S. K. A. Z. V. P. I. P. P. G. S. S. Navotny, N. N. L. N. I. Zhochova Wuhan, Hua-Zhong Normal University X. R. D. S. L. Y. Q. B. C. C. A. A. G. R. J. ) and !. J. S. D. e.. $1 . "El"..... 6 H3 53 5 H2 Plan View 52 •4 -3 H1 Sl '-2 -I .... Fleulral Line Id! , 0 , , , E) L_. I M2 , ,, , Shield, Flange and Vacuum Window . Melers For clarity, sections chamber. scintillLtion , I , , , , _ counter Layout.

_n_ SLmulated Pb-Pb event at 160 A Gev. T"target In E863, nuclearemulsions are usedas detectorsto studyultrarelativistic principalaim of the experiment is to investigate global heavy-ioninterac_ons. the mass and energy dependenceof charged aspects of multiparticleproduction particle multiplicities, angulardistributionsof panicles, and targetand projectilebreak-up. The experiment, however, also focuses on panicle density fluctuations. Indications of a QuarkGluon Plasmaphase transition in terms of high overall/_rticle densities Combinedwith large local fluctuations are studied.

Lukaszew, R. Matheus, C. V. Greene, B. Shiva Kumar, R. Majka, J. Mitchell, F. Rotondo, J. Sandweiss, Spokesman: P. Braun-Munzinger Experiment 814 combines 4f calorimeter coverage with a high resolution forward spectrometer. Extreme peripheral collisions are investigated by making an exclusive study of projectile fragmentation processes induced by Coulomb excitation. Central collision, including transverse energy and charged particle multiplicity production and a search for hydrodynamic flow effects are also studied.

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AGS Experiments [1991-1993] by J. C Depken
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