By Aleister Crowley

Главные инструкции о ведении магического дневника (важной практики системы научного иллюминизма), включая работу «Джон Ст. Джонс», опубликованную в Эквиноксе, 1909г. «Мастер Храма» - текст, взятый из магического дневника Брата Ахада и другие.

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In Hanged Man posture, meditating and willing the Presence of Adonai by the Ritual "Thee I invoke, the Bornless One" and mental formula:! 28. I'm hopelessly sleepy! Invocation as bad as bad could be - attention all over the place. ) at the most solemn moment! But the irrational character of said visions is not bad. They come from nowhere; it is much worse when your own controlled brain breaks loose. 33. I will therefore compose myself to sleep: is it not written that He giveth unto His beloved even in sleep?

But the answer to this, friend Satan! is that the Canon of Art is Truth, and the Canon of Magic is Truth; my true record will make a good book, and my true book will make a good record. USJ, p. 89) A WORD ON SECRECY First Amendment Story I had an odd experience with the magical diary that I think is important to share with the magical community. I was involved with Marcelo Motta in the mid 1970's, a Brazilian A: . A:. representative, who published his first American book with Weiser Publishing Company, where I was employed.

There was, on the contrary, the bitterest opposition from me. I even went so far as to make unintelligible and false additions to my diary, with the deliberate intention of confusing the record, and perhaps even of making people think me untrustworthy in this stupendous circumstance. (Coni, p. 386) Just after the Cairo working (as the reception of The Book of the Law is known) he again fell into spiritual desolation and wrote, "I completely abandoned my diary. II (Coni, p. 403) Some 15 years later, he would suffer another lapse of faith in the Great Work, and again, the Magical Diary would become a symbol of both his rebellion and the eventual renewal of the battle.

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Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary by Aleister Crowley
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