By Dragica Potocnjak

This play offers symbolically with the angle of the ecu Union in the direction of refugees. It explores problems with prejudice among small countries with diversified religions, within the instant context of an influence courting among a Slovenian and a Bosnian girl.

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Eat your own shit, darling, before you point at someone else’s! You just don’t realise that you and people like you are bringing your own muck here when we’ve already got too much of our own. ) My conscience is clear, do you hear me? Clear! What do you know about my suffering? How do you know yours is worse than mine? We’re all the same in the sight of God! And I’m innocent! ) Clear up that stinking mess! And don’t let me see it ever again! You lazy slut, you either stare at me like an idiot, or you babble insolence.

42 Dragica Potočnjak IRENA Will you stop! LEO I thought we were talking about a film. ) You’ll keep the flowers then? ) She’s arranged them quite nicely. IRENA Are you trying to screw things up again? LEO Darling girl, I won’t be risking that again today. I didn’t know the girl was so clever. IRENA You didn’t know? Well, how could you know? ) LEO That’s what I’m saying, I didn’t know! How could I know? IRENA What are you shouting for? LEO I’m not shouting! I meant when she came in with the pot it wasn’t obvious – so I didn’t know – the girl was so clever.

It’s almost eight. MAGDA Eight?! IRENA That girl who cooks and cleans for you, that student, she’s foreign, isn’t she? MAGDA I don’t have anybody cooking and cleaning for me. LEO Do you really not have a television? IRENA I mean the one who phoned instead of you… MAGDA I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. LEO Then we have a similar difficulty. ) I’ll talk to you later! ) Does she live here in the flat? LEO Cheers! 27 Alisa, Alice IRENA What’s it like, taking a stranger into your flat? ) I hope you’re not getting any sick ideas into your head!

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