By Leo Vinci

The 2002 model of the Enochian Dictionary first written within the sixteenth century via Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly. This model has been prolonged additional with new information about Dee and Kelly yet no longer adequate the writer feels to name it a brand new version, extra a 2002 version because it includes either previous and new now.

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Soon we must start joining the stories of these two men, but before we do, we must settle one misunderstanding once and for all, which has not served Dee in particular very well in the past and this gross ignorance still rears its head even today. One book (1948), which in fairness will remain nameless because it is not the only offender by any means, is especially vitriolic in the scorn it heaps on John Dee, his life and work. ’ It reproduces a well-known engraving of the event and writes how Dee and Kelly are within the safety of a magic circle.

It should not be necessary to stress the importance of this promise at the time of the Reformation, especially when it came from the indisputable head 29 of the realm and backed up with her absolute power — this was very powerful protection indeed. Despite her kind disposition towards him, the Queen of England could not appear to be too friendly with a suspected magician and sorcerer, Elizabeth was astute and reticent in the matter of giving him advancement or preferment and it was a problem she must have found very difficult to balance, at least politically.

They charged him with ‘lewde vayne practices of caculing and conjuring’ to enchant and destroy Queen Mary. ’ Compendious Rehearsal. After the succession of Mary Tudor, he was asked to calculate the horoscope of the new Queen and her prospective husband Philip II, which he duly did. At the time, the Princess Elizabeth (to become Queen Elizabeth I) was in captivity at Woodstock. Dee was a cousin of Blanche Perry who held the position of confidential maid-of-honour to Princess Elizabeth and much was to be achieved by knowing those who served influential people.

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