By Bob Black

A respond to, and an attack on, Murray Bookchin's 'Social Anarchism Or way of life Anarchism,' Bookchin himself, Bookchinism, and so known as 'anarcho-leftism.'

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ANARCHY modern police-state (Andrieux 1972: 45-55). Taking a worldwide comparative-historical perspective, pre-industrial city, unless it was the capital of an empire a nation-state (in which case it was directly subject to resident monarch) was always subject to an oligarchy. lero has never been a city which was not, or which was not of, a state. And there has never been a state which was not a city or else didn't incorporate one or more cities. The pre­ industrial city (what Gideon Sjoberg calls-a poor choice words-the "feudal city") was the antithesis of democracy, not to mention anarchy: Central to the stratification system that pervades all aspects of the feudal city's social structure-the family, the economy, religion, education, and so on-is the pre-eminence of the political organiza­ tion ....

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