By Lois Lowry

"As quickly as I end this chocolate pudding, I'm going to leap out the window." Twelve-year-old Anastasia Krupnik has simply found that her mom and dad are making plans a circulation to the suburbs. and he or she occurs to grasp that folks within the suburbs should not have significant work on their partitions. they've got paint-by-numbers images of kittens with vast eyes fiddling with balls of yarn. And within the position of bookcases they've got colossal television units with bowls of pretend fruit on best. One examine their destiny condo within the suburbs, in spite of the fact that, and Anastasia falls in love. It's no longer lengthy prior to she's assembly the friends, together with a good-looking tennis participant and a witch named Gertrude Stein. And it takes not often any time in any respect earlier than she's immersed in precisely the type of complex messes that she turns out to specialise in.

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The coast is clear… …let’s go. There’s the door…let’s make a run for it. Wait! Oh, great. Look! It’s Patchy McOne-Eye! Any other bright ideas? Now, Captain, you never did answer my question. Three steps forward… Okay, five steps forward… You said the Queen decides whether or not to offer a reward, but you never said whether or not she had decided. Two steps right… What question was that? I mean, if she wants these prisoners back badly enough to send out all twelve of you Dragons, she must also be offerin’ a pretty penny for their return, am I right?

How did you find me? What in the Nine Hells is going on up there? Quite by accident, it appears… …and for my next spellbinding feat of diabolical wizardry, I shall require the assistance of a member of the audience… I’ll tell you later. For now, just turn around and start heading us back toward the door. How about you, young lady? No! I can’t… I… Come now, don’t be afraid! My particular brand of devilish incantation is guaranteed to leave no permanent harm! A round of applause, everyone! My, you’re a tall one!

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