By Osho

This day, humanity is stuck up within the mad complexity of the brain and there's an pressing have to rediscover simplicity and innocence. the following, modern mystic Osho brings to lifestyles the inherent and undying knowledge of conventional Zen tales, exhibiting that Zen is a manner of dissolving philosophical difficulties, no longer of fixing them — a manner of having rid of philosophy, simply because philosophy is a kind of neurosis. Zen is for these clever adequate to appreciate the restrictions of the mind and able to realize the importance of instinct on the planet of mysticism.

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It is non-voluntary also. The other part is joined with existence itself. You can think of it as if you are taking it in, you are breathing it, or you can think in just the opposite way -- that it is breathing you. And the other way has to be understood because that will lead you into deep relaxation. It is not that you are breathing, but existence is breathing you. It is a change of gestalt, and it happens on its own. If you go on relaxing, accepting everything, relaxing into yourself, by and by, suddenly, you become aware that you are not taking these breaths -- they are coming and going on their own.

These words cannot come from a man who trusts. 'My God is a great fortress'? Martin Luther seems to be on the defensive. Even God is just a fortress to protect you, to make you feel secure? Then it is out of fear. The thinking that 'God is my greatest fortress', is born out of fear, not out of love. It is not of trust. Deep down there is doubt and fear. Trust is simple. It is just like a child trusts in his mother. It is not that he believes -- belief has not yet entered. You were a small child once.

You are just like a wave in the ocean: You come out of the ocean, you go back to the ocean. Surrendering means trusting in the ocean -- and of course, what can a wave do except that? The wave has to trust the ocean and whether you trust or not, you remain part of the ocean. Non-trusting, you will create anxiety -- that's all. Nothing will change. only you will become anxious. tense, desperate. If you trust, you flower. you bloom. you celebrate. knowing well that deep down is your mother, the ocean.

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