By CH Vail

First released in 1909, this publication contains a sequence of lectures, first given in Pullman Memorial Church, Albion, long island. the aim of those lectures is to contemplate the starting place and nature of the traditional Mysteries and glossy Masonry and to teach the relation which they endure one to the opposite. Chapters comprise The Egyptian, Hindu and Persian Mysteries, The Christian Mysteries, The that means Of real Initiation, Masonic heritage, and The starting place and heritage of the Knights Templars.

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The Greek Neo-platonists called this state "Theophany," which means either communication between the Gods or God and those Initiated mortals who are spiritually fit to enjoy such intercourse; or the presence of a God in man, an incarnation or blending of the personal Deity; the Higher self with the lower self its representative on earth. " The length and frequency of this sublime condition depends upon the spiritual development. Proclus claims to have experienced this ecstasy six times during his mystic life ; Plotinus states that he had reached this state "but three times as yet ;" Porphyry asserts that Appolonius attained this state four times, while he experienced it but once, and that after he was sixty years of age.

We also find among savages many traces of lofty ideas which are entirely beyond their capacity to originate. When we remember that the savage tribes of to-day are not our ancestral types, but rather the degenerate offspring of past great nations, we begin to understand how they came to possess these lofty ideas they are the faint remaining vestiges of the Wisdom long ago imparted by a great religious Teacher. (Esoteric Christianity, Besant, Ch. ) It is evident that man in his infancy was not left to grow up unaided.

Lecture 3. The Druidical, Gothic, Grecian, And Jewish Mysteries We are to continue in this lecture our examination of the Mysteries of antiquity. We will consider first THE DRUIDICAL MYSTERIES. The Druidical Mysteries were the same as the Celtic, and were celebrated in many countries. We are told by Caesar that these Mysteries were better understood in Britain than anywhere else. All temples, in whatever country, had places of Initiation connected with them, and they were usually subterranean. The great grotto at Castleton in Derbyshire bears evidence that the celebration of the Druidical Mysteries was of an elaborate nature; the temple at Abury was also a stupendous structure, and was built in the form of a circle.

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