By Michael Paschalis; Stavros Frangoulidis (ed.)

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Austin: University of Texas Press; rpt. 1996. Bowie, Ewen. 1996. “The Ancient Readers of the Greek Novel,” in: Schmeling 1996, 87–106. ————— 16 Daphnis and Chloe, prol. 3–4; quotation from Gill, 289. CHRONOTOPE AND L OCUS AMOENUS 39 Branham, R. Bracht. 1995. “Inventing the Novel,” in: Mandelker 1995, 79–87 and 200 (notes). —. 2002. ” in: Ancient Narrative Volume 1 (2000–2001), 1–31. Groningen: Barkhuis Publishing. Burckhardt, Jacob. 1995. The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy. Tr. Samuel George Chatwynd Middlemore.

He probably gave the right of asylum to the temple: Reynolds 1982, doc. 8 lines 41 f and Tacitus Ann. 69, with Reynolds 1982, pp. 5 and 79. Some attention has been paid to Chariton’s Aphrodisian origins: Schmeling 1974, 20-21; Alvares 1993, 172-175; Jones 1992b, 161-7, highlights nuances in the novel by his attention to social history from an Aphrodisian perspective; Edwards 1985 argues that since Aphrodisias claims a special closeness to Aphrodite, the role of Aphrodite in directing the action of the novel operates as an expression of Aphrodisian civic pride; he makes the case in more detail in Edwards 1996, 20-2, 33-6, 60-1, 80-1, 95-100, 130-1.

But their idyllic existence is radically altered when David and Jennifer, our modern teenagers, arrive from the late 1990s. They, of course, are sexually experienced, Jennifer more so than David. ) Longus’ description of Lycaenion partly fits Jennifer: both are “imported…from town” and ————— 5 Bakhtin 1981, 91 and 105. MARTIN M . ”6 In Pleasantville, Jennifer introduces first her 1950s date and then, indirectly, several other youngsters to their erotic nature. The irresistible spread of sexual knowledge among Pleasantville’s teenagers and adults, despite the futile attempts on the part of the town’s mayor and several other good citizens – in this patriarchal society, all of the latter are middle-aged males – appears on screen in a way as charming as it is clever.

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