By Drema Hall Berkheimer

“Mining businesses piled trash coal in a slag heap and set it ablaze. The coal burned up, however the slate didn’t. the warmth became it rose and orange and lavender. The airborne dirt and dust highway I lived on was once paved with that sharp-edged rock. We known as it pink puppy. My grandmother continuously informed me, ‘Don’t you pass working on that crimson puppy road.’ yet oh, I did.”


Gypsies, faith-healers, moonshiners, and snake handlers weave via Drema’s formative years in Forties Appalachia after Drema’s father is killed within the coal mines, her mom is going off to paintings as a Rosie the Riveter, and she or he is left within the care of religious Pentecostal grandparents. What follows is a spitfire of a memoir that reads like a singular with intrigue, sweeping emotion, and undeniable appeal. Drema’s coming of age is coloured via tent revivals with Grandpa, jitterbug classes, and touring carnivals, and notwithstanding all of it, she serves witness to a multi-generational kin of saints and sinners whose lives defy the stereotypes. simply as she defies her own.


Running On crimson puppy Road is facts that fact is stranger than fiction, specifically in terms of existence and religion in an Appalachian youth.

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A. Howard), and S. M. Waris Hasan are quoted to explain the way Shi'is envisage the meaning of revelation, the nature of prophecy and the prophets, and the finality of the prophethood of the Prophet of Islam. The two principles of al-tawhid and al-nubuwwah are shared by Shi'is and Sunnis. Such is not the case of al-imamah, or Imamate, which distinguishes Shi'ism from Sunnism and is central to the understanding of the Shi'i ethos. 'Allamah Tabataba'i discusses the traditional Shi'i doctrine of the Imamate, whereas Henry Corbin, the French scholar who was the foremost Western interpretor of Shi'ism, investigates the same subject with great sympathy and understanding, especially its more esoteric dimensions.

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H. Nasr discusses the important and complicated issue of the relationship between Shi'ism and Sufism. The Imams of Shi'ism, especially up to the eighth Imam, also provided the foundation of Sufism and appear in the chain of transmission (silsilah) of nearly all the Sufi orders. Moreover, Sufism and Shi'ism share such basic doctrines as the significance of esoteric knowledge and the process of hermeneutic interpretation (ta'wil), which makes the attainment of such knowledge possible. Yet, in certain eras of their history such as the late Safavid period in Persia, official Shi'ism became strongly opposed to Sufism.

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Running on Red Dog Road: And Other Perils of an Appalachian by Drema Hall Berkheimer
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