By Carey Rockwell

At the north part of the quadrangle close to the Tower a tender watch officer paused in entrance of 1 of the dormitories and scanned the darkened home windows of the durasteel and crystal development.

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Snarled Connel. "It's just another example of how these stupid boys have obstructed my work here," replied Hemmingwell angrily. "I can't see why they have to interfere this way. " "Yes," snarled Barret. " He turned to Astro. " "You'll get a receipt, Barret," growled Astro. " "All right, break it up," growled Connel. "Back to your post, Astro. " Barret and Hemmingwell walked off, with the little professor talking rapidly to the younger scientist, trying to calm his anger. Astro, Tom, and Roger were extraordinarily strict about the exit of the workers that night and there was angry muttering in the ranks of the men who wanted to get home.

Demanded Barret. " shouted Troy. "I was doing my job. " "I'll bet," snapped Barret. "Professor, here is your sabotage agent. " "None of your business," stammered Troy, seemingly confused. " "There! " shouted Barret. "I think you'd better explain yourself, Pat," said the professor, looking troubled and suspicious. " demanded Barret. " pursued Barret. " "I came down to check our supplies. " demanded the professor. "Well, the timers on the oscillators," Troy replied. " shouted Barret suddenly. " He turned and called to Roger and Astro, who were standing guard at the doors.

Barret had his mouth close to the transmitter and his voice was low, but Astro could still hear him. "Yeah, I know how important it is to you, but I can be burned to a cinder if I make one false move. You'll just have to wait until I find an opening somewhere. " Barret switched off the teleceiver set and stepped out of the booth to face the muzzle of Astro's blaster. " growled the big cadet. "What, why you--" Barret clamped his mouth shut. There was a difference between being frozen and being blasted into a crisp.

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