By Diane Carey

Deep area 9 and the staff of the "Defiant" face off opposed to the kingdom, in a valiant attempt to get better keep watch over of the station.

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A four-book odyssey of area exploration, political intrigue, spiritual schism, lethal conspiracies and startling revelations, this is often Deep area 9 at its top. Peace talks attempt the morality and get to the bottom of of 2 longtime enemies, the Bajorans and the Cardassians. but if politics and international relations fail, a wierd alliance of alien religions bargains unforeseen desire for lasting peace.

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Or something hot. Later. " he asked, deliberately looking at Worf instead of the boy. "My son is a man," Worf said. "I have been seeing him as a child. " "I would love to give it," Martok grunted. Now he looked at Alexander. " The boy--the young man--nodded. "I'm considering becoming a member of your house. My father says it's my choice now. " This was the moment Martok had hoped for. He had steered events and manipulated personalities in order to be asked to speak. Therefore he was ready. "Then I will give you my thoughts by speaking some truths and by asking questions of you and requiring honest answers.

Any minute. Below, several Bajorans were uneasily reacquainting themselves with the station, their mood subdued by the presence of so many Cardassians and Jem'Hadar soldiers. The Cardassians were having a good enough time at the bar and the dabo tables; the Jem'Hadar were inexplicably standing around watching, but never joining in. Kira saw Quark and several Ferengi waiters ducking about, serving customers. Any minute now. "There he is," Kira murmured. She stiflened slightly, then got control over it.

There will be times when I respond as a warrior when I should be responding as a father. To you I grant the honor of... " Alexander actually smiled. " "I have to," Worf told him. " "My first officer, my father, and a member of the same house," Alexander told him boldly. "General Martok thinks I've judged you unfairly. If I've been wrong about you, then I should correct the wrong. I have a wedding gift for you, Father... " Staring until his eyes burned, Worf absorbed the phenomenal depth of this gesture, this commitment, and quickly sifted the past few days to make sure he had not made any pressures or hints--no, this was all Alexander's idea, his own choice.

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