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T ics bclc)re corksuewi n g eart hwards a n d t h e n e n t ered a cra<·k and became t rapped t here 200 m i l l ion yea1·s ago, so most scep­ assu m e that the a n i m al some how retreat i n g u p aga i n . :\'o a t t est able photo­ after its birt h graphs of t h i s phenomenon exist despite t h ere are t h ose who speculat e t h a t t h e crea­ exten si\'e eyewit n ess accou n t s. t u re m i ght h ave en tered w h e n the rock first in recen t t i mes. H owe\'er, Sce p t ics argue t h at t h is was an opt ical formed and t h en li\'ed i n 'suspen ded a n i ­ i l l usion brou g h t o n by mass h y ste ria and m a t i o n ' for m i l len n ia , or t h a t it was tele­ i n t e nse expect ation.

But n o t h i n g that resembled a recognizable phan tom. Ta k i n g photographs at seances. w here mediums deliberately a t t e m pt ed lo e\'oke t h e spirits of t h e dead ((Jr pu rposes ol' COil l ­ l ll l l l l icat io n , had alread y become popular. I n fra-red was useful here b ecau se most seances took p l a ce in absol u t e darkness a n d normal phot og raph y was almost i m p oss ible . · t h i s. - i --- -;r - ----=---- - �-- The kneeling monk photographed 1n Arundel Church. � - ' DISCOVERY AND DISASTER Certain l y .

Only t h e origi nal The i m ages were s i m p l y pa per d raw i n gs by t h ree wit nesses C\'er saw t h e being. Tl 1 ey Elsie. I ndeed t he y pointed to the fact t hat called it a n 'a ngel': hut t h e c h u rd1 a u t h m-i- P O R T E N T S OF W A R t i cs soon i n t erpreted it as ' t h e \'irg i n � l a r y ' . S1nce the visions at F,it1ma, the v1 1lage has become a world1amous centre of pilgnmage. Prophecies w e r e give n : one of t h e i m m i ­ R u ssian l l l' l l t Re\'o l ution and t h e other abo u t \\'oriel \\'ar Two.

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