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Forestry and Arboriculture

Taking care of forests and urban trees has been an important part of this business for years. We’ve completed many Forest Management Plans as well as removed countless shade trees near homes. We have two aerial bucket trucks, chipper, stump grinder and several bobcats with grapples/winch/tree shear and a log truck to deal with tree problems. We normally do not do logging or truck logs to sawmills.

Lee is an ISA Certified Arborist and a NH Certified Arborist. He is a SAF Certified Forester as well as a Licensed Forester in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

If you have trees you think should come down, be pruned or just have questions about your trees, give Lee a call (or email) and he’ll be glade to offer his opinions. He has the experience after 46 years in this business. We prefer to save trees if possible, not cut them down unless it’s necessary or not safe.