Removing a failing white birch with our heavy-duty aerial unit

Tree Removals

We do alot of tree removals - call us for an estimate.

A very large pine take-down in a very old cemetery - no markers were damaged. Top of a marker on left side in stump

Aerial Unit Crane

This aerial unit is rated for up to 2300 lbs.

New Driveway

A new driveway in December - difficult... but completed

Summer is here! We have a selection of perennials, trees & shrubs to choose from as well as bark, screened loam & compost.

The Greenhouses & Nursery are  on summer hours – Open Fridays 9 to 4 and Saturdays 9 to 12. We continue to work on jobs everyday except Sundays. Please call or email us if you need our services.



The “summer heat” is here. On very hot days, remember to water those tender new plants as they need additional water until they can establish new roots. It’s best to water the base of the plant – not over the top.


Orange flowers


  The nursery is presently full of trees and shrubs. The “Quick Fire” hydrangea are budded up and starting to show color already. They come out white then gradually change color to a nearly red color as the summer goes by. Very cold hardy, takes pruning well and are very dependable with lots of flowers every year. They also bring lots of bees.

Our raspberry plants (many varieties) are also starting to produce red fruit as well as the blueberries are loaded with berries that are turning blue already. Many of our apple trees have apples too.



Contact us for any landscaping needs you might have. We’re currently working through our schedule for planting trees and shrubs. The hot summer temperatures are not helping but if well watered, they will be fine. Grading or repairing gravel or “hard-pac” driveways is also a service we’re providing. Our tracked bobcat with a ‘harley rake’ does a beautiful job of smoothing those rough gravel driveways back into shape.


Water Works

 We’ve been involved with many water projects including large ponds, back yard reflection pools, pondless waterfalls, and even interior pools. Water features give hours of enjoyment and adds another dimension to your yard.

This is a banner year for us selling waterlilies. Several colors available.

Clark wild life site

Invasive Plant Control

We are surrounded by plants that are not native to our area. Many of these plants are considered invasive and have become a serious problem for all of us.

 We can help control these invasive plants by mechanical means and/or chemical applications. If you are concerned about your invasive plants, call us and we can offer a plan to help the native plants return.

Crow's Nest

Forestry and Arboriculture

We’ve been involved in tree care for over 40 years dealing with forest management on thousands of acres to “close encounter” forest management on less than one acre (specific data on every tree). Now we focus on “urban forestry” almost exclusively – intense tree management on smaller parcels of forest.

Tree care for home owners is increasing as the threat of invasive insects is on the rise. The Emerald Ash Borer is nearly here. So, if you have an important ash tree on your property, call us. We can help protect ash from the borer.


Christmas Trees

Christmas Season

Our Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving, on November 28th, 2019.  We make wreaths, roping, sprays, swags and have trees for sale.

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