The nursery and greenhouses are closed for the winter but, we are getting a little more daylight every day now – lets hope spring comes early this year. We want to open in early April.

Tree work has kept us busy through most of the winter between plowing snow and sanding. Fruit tree pruning can start in a couple of weeks so give us a call if you need help pruning your apple trees.


 Odds are an invasive insect called the ‘Emerald Ash Borer’ will be attacking ash trees near you this year. We are qualified to help protect your ash trees from this deadly pest.


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 The greenhouses are feeling the effects of the higher sun now. Our recording thermometer has reached 90 degrees already during one day without the heat on. We’ll be seeding soon and so the greenhouses start their transition from empty to being full of beautiful plants. However, it takes a while – hope to see you in April or May.  




This is the best time of year to contact us if you have a project to do this spring or summer. If you need plants, come by the nursery and see what we have. We’ve committed to receive hundreds of trees and shrubs this year.

 Grading or repairing gravel or “hard-pac” driveways is a service we provide. Our tracked bobcat with a ‘harley rake’ does a beautiful job of smoothing those rough gravel driveways back into shape after a tough winter. We have a vibratory roller to pack it all in.


Water Works

 We’ve been involved with many water projects including large ponds, back yard reflection pools, pondless waterfalls, and even interior pools. Water features give hours of enjoyment and adds another dimension to your yard.

We also have water lilies available at the nursery.


Invasive Plant Control

We are surrounded by plants that are not native to our area. Many of these plants are considered invasive and have become a serious problem for all of us.

 We can help manage these invasive plants by mechanical means and/or chemical applications. If you are concerned about your invasive plants, call us and we can offer a plan to help the native plants return.

Forestry and Arboriculture

We’ve been involved in tree care for over 40 years dealing with forest management on thousands of acres to “close encounter” forest management on less than one acre (specific data on every tree). Now we focus on “urban forestry” almost exclusively – intense tree management on smaller parcels of forest.

Tree care for home owners is increasing as the threat of invasive insects is on the rise. The Emerald Ash Borer is nearly here. So, if you have an important ash tree on your property, call us. We can help protect ash from the borer.


Christmas Trees

Christmas Season

Our Christmas season starts the day after Thanksgiving in November 2020.  We have wreaths, roping, sprays, swags and trees for sale. Many of the products are made by us here at the greenhouses.

 We have two Christmas Tree plantations of our own to supply us with trees. Some trees are still purchased in to supplement our sales. We primarily sell fraser fir noted for their needle retention. 


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