“Invasive, non-native” plants, insects and others

There seems to be more “invasive” insects and plants appearing in the industry newsletters and from researchers then ever before. I wonder who makes the decision what’s invasive and what just spreads faster that they think it should (?). We need to remember that the real issue revolves around “non-native” as many of us want only to live with the plants and bugs we are familiar with. Well guess what, nothing stands still forever. The climate is changing so the plants and animals will change too. We obviously are accelerating this process as we import, export and travel around with out thinking about the long term effects of introducing a new organism to a new environment. Interesting enough, I find the general public doesn’t really care about any of this “invasive, non-native” stuff until it affects their own comfort level, i.e. taking over their yard, eating all their flowers, etc. Then it’s no-holds bared,” kill it”, “can you poison it ?”, “what is that?”,  “where did that come from?”, ” I tried to kill it with stuff I bought at the store”.  Enough said for now…. educate yourself, be alert for “new” things in your yard and ask a professional for advice before you react to the situation. Be informed before you use pesticides.



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